A Few Good Reasons to Visit Limerick

A Few Good Reasons to Visit Limerick

4_8_george_street_limerick_pd-image-ireland-calling-600Thinking about visiting Ireland? Well, don’t forget to check out Limerick, a great historic city that boasts great rugby legends, offers sizzling food, and comes with interesting street art.

There’s always something going on in Limerick. The town’s riverside walks, revamped quays, and casual dining food scenes will steal your heart, that’s for sure!

Here are a few good reasons to visit Limerick:

Limerick’s Georgian grid
When you think of Georgian architecture in Ireland, you’d probably think of Dublin, but the country has more to offer. The Georgian grid of Limerick (referred to as Newtown Pery) looks unfortunately for the larger part still like a crumbling wreck, but if you look a little deeper, you’ll come aware of its historic relevance, the quality, and its mouthwatering potential. Even the roughest corners echo the city’s heritage.

Come to Limerick and marvel at the dilapidated fanlights and iron balconies around Mallow Street, and set-pieces like the Crescent on O’Connell Street. Outside of Dublin, Limerick boasts the largest Irish collection of Georgian townhouses. Newtown Pery was founded by the First Viscount Pery in Limerick’s old medieval quarter around the end of the 18th century, and though its demise is obvious, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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Light Moves – music and dance in Limerick

Light Moves, the world-renown Irish festival of dance, film and media arts, is coming back to Limerick for the fourth year in early November 2017. Light Moves will be featuring live music and dance performances, workshops, exhibitions, feature films, family screenings, short film programs, and interesting talks.
To get an impression, check out this 2015 Cáit Ní Dhuinnín video (dance material filmed in West Kerry and screened at 2014 Light Moves  Festival of Screendance in Limerick:

The 2017 edition of the festival of screendance will be taking place in Limerick at Belltable, St John’s Church, the University of Limerick, and Limerick City Gallery of Art.
Light Moves starts out with a couple of events on Thursday night, November 2nd. Dr. Desmond FitzGerald, University of Limerick president, will be launching the festival at Limerick City Gallery of Art (Carnegie Building, Pery Square), at 6 p.m. The Gallery will be screening thought-provoking filmwork throughout the amazing festival.

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Celebrating Birthdays ~ It’s the Only Way to Go!

There are two days I wake up especially early on ~ Christmas and my birthday. They’re both really special days, and I don’t want to miss a minute of celebrating.

As soon as my birthday month begins, I can feel the anticipation building to my day. It’s such a fun feeling.

And it’s not even about getting gifts. No, not at all. It’s about me being me and how on that day, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to.

Yeah, that’s the rule in our house ~ there’s no shoulds or have tos. And I get to pick what I want to eat.
You see, we’re all so unique. There’s only one me, one special me in this huge universe ~ and that’s worth celebrating! Dr. Seuss says it best:

You see, we’re all so unique.  There’s only one me, one special me in this huge universe ~ and that’s worth celebrating!  Dr. Seuss says it best:

Today you are You, that is truer than true. 
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

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Best Videos About Ireland

Ireland is a mystical and magical land, small but beautiful. The magnificent scenery of the West of Ireland has inspired poets, painters and writers.
The mountains and lakes are awe inspiring in sunshine or rain. There is much peace and tranquility to be found here.

Everyone wants to visit Ireland – and that’s hardly surprising. Ireland is a charming country, modern and vibrant yet retaining always a sense of history and just of hint of mystery. Irish pubs are so popular they’ve sprung up all over the world, operating in unlikely places such as Budapest and Hong Kong.

Check out these awesome videos about Ireland:

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10 Top Attractions of Western Ireland {Infographic}

10 Top Attractions of Western Ireland {Infographic}

Ireland has so many attractions to offer. Here is a handy infographic showing top 10 Irish attractions in Western part of Ireland:

  • The Cliffs of Moher
  • Fota Wildlife Park
  • Bunratty astle & Folk Park, Cork
  • Holy Cross Abbey, Tipperary, Shannon
  • Aquadome, Kerry South West
  • Dun Aonghasa, Galway
  • Aillwee Cave & Burren, County Clare
  • Muckross House & garden, Kerry
  • Dingle Oceanworld, Kerry


source: http://visual.ly/top-sights-west-ireland

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Going For Gold

Going For Gold

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgI’m getting more than slightly caught up in the buzz surrounding the Olympics, even though I’m not sporty in the slightest (I’m the biggest couch potatoe on the planet actually). I can’t help it, I don’t sleep much anyway so I’m sitting watching the different events through the night instead of those rubbish made for tv movies and infomercials, watching all these brilliant athletes Going For Gold for themselves and their country, it’s so inspiring and addictive. I especially like seeing my fellow Irish’ winning medals.

What’s also brilliant is Bet365 Casino’s current promotion which is tied in with the Olympics absolutely perfectly – The Going For Gold €50,000 promotion. The casino over at Bet365 is probably the best on the internet – trust me, I’ve tried them all – and this promotion is great idea and so much fun to take part it – it’s like really taking part in the Olympic Games without being athletic, or having to fly out to Rio.

You can win varying amounts depending on how well you do, from €25 – €1500 if you’re within the top 100 players for each day. How cool is that? I’d be more than happy to win myself a couple of gold medals, heck even a bronze medal would be awesome!

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