Would you choose to study in Ireland?

My grandparents came to the US from Ireland and I would like to go back there one time, especially after reading the article how easy it is to find a job in one of the global companies such as Google or eBay if you are there and have good educational background. I was thinking about doing my MBA in Ireland actually, One of the best ways to boost a career and is to complete an MBA program.

Take a closer look at this video about the University of Limerick:

These days, while the pace of business exercises is speeding up rapidly in the world, business people must be commercially aware more than ever before. Enrolling in an MBA program will guarantee the best-established path to obtain all the related and essential skills and know-how..You would not believe how inexpensive it is over there.

This post lists all low-cost MBA program in Ireland, compare them with the cheapest online MBA in the US.

Studying in Ireland

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The Melodramatic School Uniforms Story

The other day, I was reading a blog post how Texas schools are considering forcing students who violate the dress code to put on a prison jumpsuit. While that doesn’t directly relate to school uniforms, it got me really thinking more and more about the ever-continuing debate about whether or not school uniforms are worth the trouble.

One thing I’ve noticed about the school uniform debate is that parents tend to be more in favor of it, and kids tend to be more opposed. Being young, I’m against it. I went to a private school where uniforms were required from kindergarten right through 6th grade, then I went to public school where free dress was the norm from then on.

I have to admit, when you’re at a school where uniforms are already a policy, being told what to wear doesn’t seem like a big deal at a time. But if a school were to switch from a free dress policy to a uniform policy… that wouldn’t go over so well.

The school uniform debate is undoubtedly a complex issue, but here are some commonly discussed pros and cons and what I make of them:

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University of Limmerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is a relatively young, enterprising, and energetic university with a strong and proud record of innovative education and research excellence.

The University is independent, has an international focus, and employs some 1,300 staff members that service more than 11,500 students.

It is the school’s mission is to advance and promote knowledge and learning through academic teaching, groundbreaking research, and scholarship, all set in an environment that is encouraging innovation and continues to uphold the fundamental principles of free expression and inquiry. The school focuses particularly on generating knowledge and developing skills relevant to Ireland’s socioeconomic needs and development.

The University of Limerick was founded in 1972 under the name ‘National Institute for Higher Education’ but in 1989 the school received its classification as the University of Limerick (UL).

The school offers a wide range of academic programs from undergraduate to doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in the academic disciplines of Arts, Business, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, and Education & Health Sciences.

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Job Opportunities for High School Students

Considering a part-time or summer job? Whenever possible, we recommend taking an internship or unpaid job in an area of major or career interest over a paid job doing something unrelated to college or academics.

Read our tips about job opportunities for high school students:

Relax, you don’t have to get a job. Colleges expect academics to take priority over everything else. Between school, activities, and your family, colleges understand that you may not have time for a job. And they will not “mark you down” for having no jobs during high school.

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