Big Things Don’t Come Easy

download-20Wow, as I began to type this, I’m asking myself: “Where has the time gone?” I’ve literally been no where, but “here”, only I haven’t had time to even take two breaths. Everyone hates hearing someone complain about how they have no time do whatever, or hearing babbling about how they’re losing interest in things such as this site. Let me just make one thing clear:

I am not losing interest, but I am losing time.
I blogged weeks ago stating that upon school starting, I’d prioritize and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Though, entirely I can’t say that leaving the site aside, that I’ve been fully attentive toward my school work. Honestly, I’m wore out. I hate to say that I can’t handle everything that’s been happening with school and my social life, but I’m very near a nervous breaking down.

Friday, I found out I had an “F” in my Lit class and I literally had some sort of outbreak that entire day scurrying to try to perfect everything I did. All A’s and on F. I wasn’t about to let that happen. When I finally got to that class, I spoke with the teacher…it didn’t make sense to him, nor my self that I could have such a grade… I didn’t do everything, or all the homework for that matter, but it shouldn’t have been that bad. Even worse, grades for progress reports were to be posted the very same day.

With fate in my hands, I managed to work things out and come to find out, it was on him, the teacher who forgot to place a very important grade into the grade book! Immediately, I had him change it to the correct grade and had come out with and overall 94 in that class! In the end, I managed to uphold my 4.0 average. Can you say lucky?!

Any way, along with that, I did win class president for my sophomore class for the Irish Student Government association. I also joined French Club and was voted as their vice president, as well as voted parliamentarian for the Irish Elite Scholars. Still, I remain the Webmaster for the Tri-M (Music Honor Society).

Therefore, with so many important responsibilities I have to buckled down and do what matters most. If that means late nights until 4 a.m. doing work, and then waking right back up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school, make it through school hours, then stay an additional 4 hours for Marching Band practice 5/7 days a week, then so be it. I’m willing to do anything for success and if hard work is what it takes… keep it coming! Big things just don’t come easy these days.

On another note… I was very fond of this layout when I made it…which took days I might add. But honestly, it’s just not me.. at least not right now. With every thing going on, I want to see something different, but until I actually have the time to make something presentable, I guess I have no choice but to leave it up. Don’t stop visiting guys, soon enough I’ll be back on top of things.

Author: Timothy Wilson

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