Events to Look for When Traveling to New Places

The Credit Donkey provides great insights to finding events when visiting new places around the globe.  Do not forget to check back to Abundant Journey’s Lifestyle page for events and groups to book throughout the year.  Cheers!
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It’s always exciting planning a trip to somewhere new.  Somewhere you have never been before.  How do you know where to go and what to see?

There are so many great resources online to help that you will end up with more things to see than you have time for. First, you will want to check out the visitor’s bureau for the city or country that you are traveling to.  Most sites have a calendar of events in addition to an activities or sites section.  They will also list museums, historical sites and other tourist areas.Festivals Some cities are known for their street fairs and festivals.  Chicago is well-known for being very culturally rich with neighborhoods for each ethnicity or country of origin.  In the springtime, you will be amazed how you can wander from one neighborhood to the next and find a different festival happening.

Museums Museums are a great place to start in a new city/country where you may not be as fluent in the local culture.  They also provide a great history lesson in to the area and may spark your interest in say, the local whiskey production in Ireland for example.

Zoos and Animal Preserves Not all zoos are created equal and that goes for animal preserves as well.  Your chances of finding a giraffe at a zoo in the US are very likely.  Whereas finding a giraffe at a zoo in Mexico, might be a little harder. You are more-likely going to see a Black Agouti instead.

Attractions Look for attractions that may not be something that you would see back home.  For example, check out the balloon festival in New Mexico.  Yes, this could fall under festivals, but it is a very unusual one for sure.  The French Quarter is also a place to experience like no other.

Historical Sites UNESCO is an awesome resource for finding world heritage sites.  Once a country signs the UNESCO convention the site is protected for generations to learn from and enjoy.  It also raises awareness among locals of the importance to preserve the site. You’ve probably already heard of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, but did you know that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?  The Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India and even the Grand Canyon are examples of World Heritage Sites.

Check out the UNESCO website at to learn more about sites that are in or around the place you plan to visit.

Be sure to check out their interactive world map, you may be surprised to find sites in places you wouldn’t think to visit.

Before your next trip, read CreditDonkey’s review on American Express Gold Card to see how the travel benefits can help.  The team at CreditDonkey helps travelers compare credit card applications online.  Remember, there are always events happening wherever you visit.  From festivals to museums and zoos, there is bound to be something for everyone.  Use the resources we have mentioned here and you will open your eyes to a world of information and learn new things about your next destination.  

Author: Timothy Wilson

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