So Much Good News!

This seems to be a week of good news in my life. First, there was my promotion. And yesterday my best friend’s girlfriend gave birth to a little boy.

k11232926I’m so excited for them. Even although I’m not a big baby person, I am really happy about little Jack’s birth. Yesterday after he told me I headed down to the retail park to pick up a present or two for him. Which, me being me, are color coordinated even though they’re from 3 different shops.

The biggest present that they’re getting from me (as a family) is that as soon as the wee guy’s out of hospital and settled at home I’m going to take as many photos of him that I can and publish them in a Blurb book. Pretty awesome, huh?

Yesterday morning I went to get my hair cut and colored in a salon that I’ve never visited before. So now my hair is chocolate brown, about shoulder length with hundreds of choppy layers cut through it. It’s by far the best  45 euro I’ve ever spent. I also got a treatment put onto it, which I got the other half of to bring away with me to use in a weeks time. It might just be me, but it looks like it should be in a sperm donor clinic, not sitting on my vanity unit.

After I got my haircut, I went shopping to pick up some new black trousers and shoes. I ended up with them, but also neon bracelets, a cardigan, a necklace, 2 pairs of reading glasses, a new book, a led light bulb for the cupboard under the stairs, paint to finish the skirting board in my bedroom and a new compact mirror for my handbag. Oops. I should not be allowed to go shopping, ever.

On the job front I’ve found out that I’m definitely starting my manager’s job on Monday which is fantastical timing. Not only does it mean that I’m starting at the start of a financial quarter, but it’s after pay day.

Again, I went into the shop last night. Couldn’t help myself. The staff were talking about me. Well, not me since they don’t know who I am. But me as in their new manager. I overheard the supervisor (I think) saying that she’d text somebody to find out what the new boss is like to work for, and that she knew I was a lot younger than they thought. I’d to leave the shop pretty quickly after that to stop myself falling about laughing.

Lifestyle Upgrade!

Who doesn’t like taking things to the next level? Upgrading your life means living in a way that is comfortable to you. For me that means a home that is spacious, a career that is rewarding and hobbies that are fun as well as adventurous. Getting to the next level is what’s tricky. There is a thing called the transitional period, and more often than not, it is very uncomfortable. Rest assure, there are ways to get through it.

For instance, just recently I made the decision that I wanted a home that is bigger, quieter, and in the same neighborhood that I am currently living in. Now once making the decision, I had to put action behind the idea (big hint, without action, you are just standing still with wonderful fantasies).

So, I pre-leased my apartment, which was snatched up my another renter in only two days! I wanted to move, but had no idea I was going to be moving that quickly. I had about a month to find a new apartment that fit the mold of my upgraded lifestyle. I looked around and didn’t see anything that matched. In the mean time, I kept with my regular routine of working, writing, and seeing friends. Whether I knew it or not I was in the ever uncomfortable transitional period.

The trick was, even with the uncomfortable feelings of NOT KNOWING where I was going to live, I was not about to become desperate. Desperation leads to only one thing- Disaster. If you are desperate in finding a husband, you usually find a person great on paper but a true slime-ball in person. If you are desperate in finding a house, you usually find a broken down dump that looks beautiful on the outside. You see, when you become desperate, you skip reading the blaring red flags.

The internal alarms that sound off are quickly passed over. All because you want to have an answer here and now instead of feeling those extremely uncomfortable feelings of not knowing whats going to happen next. Believe me I get it. No one likes to feel.  Back to the story.

I kept searching for the next three weeks. I visited open houses, looked at padmapper, craigslist, westside rentals, and even walked around the neighborhood. There were plenty of okay apartments, and even good apartments, but nothing came up for what I was looking for exactly. Now, as a human, I was starting to get worried and options of settling for okay was looking pretty good. But as a person who has gone through settling for okay on quiet a few occasions, I knew it is usually more trouble than holding out for something great. This round I wasn’t going to let the fear of not knowing what was going to happen get to me.

By not succumbing to desperate acts, the  big miracle came through. One week before I had to move, I found it! I randomly hit the jackpot. Finding a gorgeous one bedroom apartment, twice the size of my current one, snugged away on a quiet street, only two blocks behind where I lived. Here is the big kicker, it’s cheaper than what I was paying as well. This is what you call an Upgrade.

Now if I had become desperate, and settled, you best believe I would be doing the search once more 6 months to a year from now. But by holding out and waiting through the transition period, feeling all of those really uncomfortable feelings, I was able to grab an amazing dreamy apartment that upgrades my lifestyle.

This process can be applied to all areas of life: relationships, careers, housing, you name it. Here are the key points:

1) When you have an idea that wont let you go (meaning it is pestering your thinking day and night) make a decision to pursue the idea

2) Take the leap of faith and put action behind the decision you made. Follow through until the very end. Help yourself by not going back and forth on the decision- believe me when you start questioning yourself, it only causes headaches and wasted energy. Just go for it!

3) Don’t Settle or be Desperate! It only leads to disaster. It is going to feel uncomfortable, but that is normal. The payoff will be well worth it.

4) Repeat until you get the ultimate dream life that is worth living.

Much celebrations happening tonight on all fronts, I think. Have a good weekend.

Author: Timothy Wilson

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